Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Traveling with Kids

Moving from one place to another gave us the u a chance to invest in good Luggage Sets that we can use every time we travel.  Even our kids has their own.  Getting your kids their own luggage boost their  willingness to help out with the things that you  need when travelling.  It also gives them the sense of responsibility and  taking care of their stuff.  

When w had our  vacation in the Philippines, one  of our big luggage got tore up in the plane so we decided to buy us a new set before going back to Korea.  We love the one that we  have right now because it is durable, it holds a lot of things, and  you can pull it so easily.  The same set was the one we used when we had our one week vacation in Orlando Florida.

Traveling with kids is challenging but if you know what they want to do during the transit and you are prepared for it, the travel time is enjoyable for both the kids and the parents.  I want to share to you this website where you can find different kinds of luggage.  

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