Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tropical Veggies and Fruit

I was in the mood for some photo taking when we arrived this afternoon from our visit to my FIL.  I tried to grow some tropical plants such as papaya, mango, and pineapple i in my garden.  I just want to see if they will grow  because I use the  seeds from the  fruits that we bought in the store.  They live but I don't think they will bear fruit before  the end of summer  hehehe.  Below is the photo of the papaya, I am not sure if it will survive if  I transplant it into a pot and keep it inside the house during winter.  
My peppers are just starting to  bear fruit and I am hoping that  I could harvest some before the cold  weather rolls in.
I have so many questions about gardening and I am glad I found   an array of videos of the Scotts Miracle-Gro's garden.  They  offer different kinds of tips  to improve your gardening technique.    This site is where I got the idea of adding mulch from my flower beds that I created in our backyard.    I actually just put a little in each  bed but when I saw the video at their site, I bought an additional mulch and added it to the flower beds. You can watch the video below and  choose the topic that you want to  see and you will  see the video being presented by Scott's associates.  
How does ScottsMiracle-Gro’s garden grow?

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Dhemz said...

ang galing mo naman thumbers ka!

baka d na kakasya yung papaya tree sa door ha...penge nalang pag may bunga!

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