Friday, September 16, 2011

Icicle Sticks 365/257

We received this on the mail, it was a surprise actually. Thanks Mommy Dhemz and Akesh. You guys are so sweet!  Ms. Burrito made some popsicles right away, she love the shape of the molded ice pops.
September 16, 2011:
  • Ms. Burrito has exams  this morning so we reviewed her  stuff thoroughly last night.  She will have a  test next Monday so this weekend will be  another busy weekend for us.
  • I am making some  chicken wings veggie salad for dinner.
  • The temperature here dropped down to 48 degrees last night, Fall is  just around the corner.
  • I have a bad dysmenorrhea that my whole body is so painful.  Me and the kids laid in bed and we took  nap together after reviewing Ms. Burrito's Science book.

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Marina Capano said...




Dhemz said...

ngeeeeee...kami nga dapat magpasalat kasi you donated something on Akesha's fund raising...thanks again sis....:)

am sure Rye will do great on her exam....buti pa jan nag drop down...dito over 100 parin ang temp.

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