Monday, March 9, 2015

Reward for Drinking Water

When I met my husband, he wasn't fond of drinking water. He lived on  drinking sweet teat everyday.  Me on the other hand, I live on drinking water everyday.  I occasionally drink soda but that's very seldom.  I tried to influence my kid to drink water just like me but since their Dad does't like drinking water, it kind of turn their interest away from drinking it.  So I talked to my husband to change his  drinking habit, to slowly replace the  sweet tea with water and he did.  It helped him a lot in losing weight too.  So now, my kids  are starting to love water since all of us drinks it regularly now.  
 Anyway, last year, Nestle had a rewards program by point system  on drinking water.  When you buy  their  water, you can find codes in it and  you can  submit it to Nestle.  I did that and was able to accumulate points to redeem this soccer ball.
Not bad for drinking water eh?

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