Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ice Cream Cake

Mr. Burrito wanted a n ice cream cake for his birthday so that's what we  got.  We bought it at Dairy Queen.  I must say that it was pretty good!
I love the cookie crumble or oreo crumble in the muddle of it.
 The only thing about ice cream cake is, you have to eat it right away when you sliced it because it melts if you don't.
 This is our first time  having an ice cream birthday cake.
I have had ice cream cake before but I didn't really think too much of it till yesterday, it was pretty good!

4 delicious comments:

MikiHope said...

Ice Cream cake is always good! I scream-you scream-we all scream for Ice Cream (remember that old saying?) What my friend used to do was cut it into slices (after the candles were blown out of course)-then put it in the refrig and serve it from there.

Rhodesia said...

We used to make ice cream Christmas pudding in South Africa as it was so hot on Christmas day, what you don't eat first time round you can always put in the freezer :-) Have a good day Diane

Raquel said...

My first taste of ice cream cake were at the Filipino gathering and that was six years ago. I didn't really appreciate it that much but my girls does. By looking at your pictures makes me want to try some again...celebrating birthday here is completely different from our country right? I like it here, its simple. Having a birthday cake on the table is already perfect celebration.

Unknown said...

I love ice cream cake. Has been a very long time. Maybe I will have to get one now. It just looks so good.

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