Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thai Cuisine

Google provided us $100 visa card for food during our California trip but since most of the food were provided at the venue at the hotel and Googleplex, we decided to use it during our last night in Palo Alto.  The driver of the shuttle bus that  takes  guests from the hotel to downtown was a Asian so we asked  if he knows  an Asian  place  in downtown.  He wasn't from  Palo Alto but he knew a Thai restaurant  so that's where we ate dinner.

My husband love Thai food.  I am not fond of curry but I  can eat it.  It was our  children's first time eating Thai food and I was very surprised that they loved it!  The restaurant is called ThaiPhoohn, it was rated the best Thai restaurant from 2006-2010.  My husband got sweet tea and he  let us tasted it, it was so sweet but good tasting.
My daughter ordered shrimp cooked in coconut milk and Thai basil.
Our son had beef  with Thai Basil.
Ny husband ordered beef with  curry.
I had fish with veggies  cooked in coconut milk and curry.  It was delicious actually.
Hubby toojk a photo of me and  Ms. B  when we were walking to the bus stop.

The photos were taken  by my phone.  I did not bring my camera  so the  quality  wasn't great.  I think I like Thai food minus the curry lol.  Too bad, there is none here in the area. 

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