Monday, July 21, 2014

Egg with Sausage and Cheese

My son has been asking for egg mcmuffin but I really don't want us buying food if I can just cook. I asked my husband what's in mcmuffin and he told me. This morning,  I tried to come up with something that I know my son would like, close enough to be mcmuffin but without a muffin. 

This is very easy to do. He asked for this again for dinner and he said he wants it again tomorrow for breakfast.

 It only takes few minutes to  make this Microwaved Egg with Sausage and Cheese Recipe


  • 1 egg
  • 1 sausage link
  • a teaspoon of  shredded cheese (or whatever kind of cheese)
  • Slice Scallions (optional)
  • salt and pepper (optional)
  • Cooked the sausage and sliced them up.
  • Cut up some scallions.
  • Break the egg and put it in a small bowl, sprinkle salt on top, cover it with paper towel, then put it in the microwave.  Nuke it for 20 seconds then take them out.  The egg white should be half cook and the egg yolk is still raw. 
  • Put the sliced  sausage, scallions, and top it with cheese.  
  • Return to the microwave with the paper towel covering the bowl.  Nuke it for  40 seconds and it will be done.
Just look at how it light up my son's face seeing his delightful treat!  He told me that  he would love this for lunch at school, so this is added in my list for  the lunch he love to eat when they don't like the hot lunch  school is serving for certain days. 
Tip:  Spray a little  oil on your bowl for easy  removal.  I did not use any oil or butter but I still managed to take it out easily.  

11 delicious comments:

Kaye Figuracion said...

I am enticed to try this one at home. I just hope my kid will love it too.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

I love this! a healthier and low carb egg muffins!

jo said...

I saw this in your Facebook page and it really looked yummy and complex to make. But I guess it's not and even if it is, it's still worth it! :) I got to try this!

Nova said...

he seems to love your version and healthy one too, this looks really delicious too

Tingting R. said...

I am not surprised your son loved it. Just the looks alone, it is yummy!

papaleng said...

This is one recipe my wife should prepare for me. I love kasi cheese and egg. Pwede ba hotdog in place of sausage?

Teresa Martinez said...

This looks like a healthy and delicious alternative to your son's favorite.

Jonas Labagala said...

Yum! It looks so delicious and please, hand me some if you want.. :D

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

That looks delish! Your hubby and kids are lucky to have you cook delicious meals for them every single day.

FX777222999 said...

It looks yummy and easy to cook. More recipes coming from you in the future

Unknown said...

Looks great I want to try it too! <3 prang ang sarap e!

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