Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BBB (Buckwheat, Blueberry, Bacon) Pancake

I sent my husband the link of the breakfast we had and he said he's jealous so I made him some pancake   during the weekend.  I made him his favorite Buckwheat mix and I added some  fresh blueberries in it plus  bacon bits, he loved it!

I  just  incorporated the blueberries whole but I would recommend chopping them so it won't affect the  pancake when you flip it.  I also recommend to chop the bacon in small pieces or you can use bacon bits. 
My husband love it this way though, the  blueberries just burst and the juice  adds so much flavor into the pancake. 
My kids aren't fond of buckwheat pancake so I made them some fried rice to eat with their bacon and eggs. 

BBB Pancake was a success in our kitchen.  

5 delicious comments:

Catherine said...

Lovely breakfast. Blessings, Catherine

Unknown said...

I have never tried buckwheat pancakes. They look kind of tasty. Especially with the added fruit. Your kids breakfast sounds kind of good too. I have never had rice for breakfast before.

jo-anne said...

You got me with "bacon" :) lol. I love love love this combo.

Agata Pokutycka said...

Wow, what a lovely combination.
I've never tried it but would like to give it a go.

Diane said...

Sorry we have been so busy this year that blogging has taken second place! Bet this tastes good. Have a good day. Diane

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