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Friday, April 19, 2013

Cabbage Roll

Cooking for me is a challenge  especially that I have three lovelies who wants different  kinds of food.   I never liked cooking when I was single but now that I am a Mom,  I have learned to like it although it is still tough at time because you run out of ideas  on what to cook every single day.  Cooking the same ,menu  everyday could be boring so I tried to find things that  my kids and husband would like.  Sometimes I look for recipes online but sometimes, I just follow my guts and cook!
One day, I had a left-over  giniling (sauteed pork with carrots, green peas, soy sauce, onions and tomatoes).  I did not want to serve it again the next day and at the same time, I did not want to throw it away.  I looked in the fridge and saw the  Chinese cabbage and I thought, maybe if I wrapped it in a cabbage, add some  tomato sauce  in it and bake it, it would taste good.  It turned out really well and my husband loved it!
Then the other day, I made some  fried rice and bacon.  I wanted some greens  in it so I blanched the Chinese cabbage (I love Chinese cabbage more than the regular because it is a bit sweet) with a little bit of salt and butter and wrapped the  fried rice and bacon.  Ms,. Burrito and hubby liked it but Mr. Burrito did not (he is picky sometimes).
So there you go, my cooking challenge experiments.

14 sumptuous burps..:

Corinne Schmitt said...

These look delicious! With fried rice and bacon, I might be able to sell my kids on the cabbage. Going to try this next week!

Melinda Dunne said...

Nice creative way to use your leftovers. The rolls look tasty.

Genie Robinson said...

WOuld you mind coming to my house and making them for me. They look out of this world. genie

Sharon Martin said...

That looks so gorgeous, I like the sound of both of these, great idea x

nova hedges said...

Wow!!! that's is one smart way of saving the food as well as inventing a new one. that must be really good. like you, i run out of ideas too, but that's what internet for to me. i can look ahead on what to make.

Ralph said...

That looks delicious - and no doubt tastes so for real. The look of stylish food gets our appetites going a nothing else will!

Andrea said...

That looks DELICIOUS! I wish I wasn't dieting.

Cyndie said...

OMG this looks so good I could lick the creen!!

LV said...

Wish it was were I could have our leftovers. These look so good.

Jennifer Williams said...

I have never had cabbage rolls but have always wanted to try them. I love cooking so I will try these. Our house has people that are hard to please and I often make different things for everyone.

Mai said...

Great idea for leftovers sis. visiting here late for CC.

~Ms. Joy mH~ said...

They looked so appetizing mommy! I will try this. I'm sure hubby will like it too.

Marie Forster said...

looking yummy sis looks so delish well try this to look online surely it turns yummy yes kinda boring to cook the same engredients everyday.

Makoy said...

very creative to wrap it in a cabbage. you're an innovative mom!

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