Friday, April 19, 2013


I have  noticed lately that every business establishments I looked online uses Pinterest as one of their Social Media.  I was not interested in Pinterest before but I created an account because it was  a requirement to one of the tasks I  wrote.  But anyhow, I am starting to love it now  because  I can share all my blog posts there and gain  additional exposure from the people who are following me and friends who are on my list.  I even  got some re-pinned for my pins.  

It's amazing how Social Network   make a big impact to the business world.   The interesting aspect about  Pinterest is that, you can showcase whatever it is that you are selling or promoting   It allows you to  post photos, write about it and you can also  share it to other social media  through  their sharing buttons  all ready  after you pin your post.  I am actually getting a hang of it now, before I did not really pay attention but now I see it's benefits already.  An advertiser I work with before asked me how many Pnterest followers do I have, when I told him the number, he gave me additional tasks.  How awesome is that!  So now you know a little bit about  the site, happy Pinteresting!

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Beng Gee said...

I used to ignore Pinterest before. But after reading this post of yours, I want to register with it soon. I only wish I know how. As you know, I'm not techie! hehe..

Thanks for the info Rose! Wishing you a non-stop coming of paid ops on your way! :)

Mari Bella said...

Hi Rose, i just joined pinterest too.. i used to have twitter and fb only then added G+, and now the pinterest,

betchai said...

you are motivating me to be more involved in pinterest, i believe i joined only before because one opps in SS asks to pinterest it, and thus I created my account, after that, haven't been there :(

papaleng said...

you push me to the limit..ha..ha..ha. I fancy not this Pinterest stuff but reading your post makes me changed my mind. Go Pinterest na nga.

Lainy said...

I am on Pinterest as well as with Instagram and I love seeing various stuff from both. Just search on the things that you want to see and voila! Most businesses are with Instagram though. said...

I like Pinterest a lot. It's where I get plenty of ideas in a wide spectrum of topics and fields of interests :) I think it's one of the most effective social network in the web so the business owners are taking advantage of it.

Ria C

Anna said...

Thanks, gotta check out Pinterest more this time.

lencilicious said...

I am not using Pinterest very often but after reading your post, I might be hanging around there more.

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