Friday, April 19, 2013

Flood Wood Care

We had  rain and thunder storm last night that made  our dogs freaked out.  We were watching TV when the rain started pouring and the wind was gushing, then when the thunder rolled in, our dogs just lost it.  Some part of our State were on flood watch last night.  We lost our satellite connection for a couple of hours but it went back when the rain stopped.

Anyhow,  one of the projects that we are looking forward  into doing  this year is  staining and painting our wooden fence.  I was looking at the projects  on Staining Made Simple at Flood® Wood Care and  it showed me exactly how to perfectly  pick the right   product to use for  our project.  We used pressure treated lumber with our fence before  so based from the guide that I followed from Flood Wood Care, we have to use a wood finish remover and flood semi-transparent finish.  I think this would look great when   pushed through.  The only concern I have now is on how to save the money to do the project .  As you can see in the photo below,  our fence  need  re-staining again.  

2 delicious comments:

jheylo said...

i think that's a good idea. you should do what you think is better for your home and for safety of your family.

mommy peach said...

Looks like a nice contest/giveaway. too bad it is only open to US residents.

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