Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Getaway

During our stay in the land of the morning calm, we made sure to have at least  a short  vacation for each  year that we spent there.  When we came back here in the mainland, we though that we would be able to have a vacation too but we were not able to.  Hubby was bummed out but what we can do, our life then was different now because he is retired and we have a student already that we have to send to school.  Those situations changed everything.  However, we are not closing our doors to opportunities like having to go for a short vacation.  We will be at Kennywood today and next week, we will be on our summer getaway.  Hooray!

Anyway, my son and I love this  animal crackers for snack.

3 delicious comments:

Rhodesia said...

Just looking in to see how you are. We seem to have been away for so long and I have so much catching up to do!!! Take care Diane

Diane said...

I am a little confused, you say your husband is retired but I thought that he has just been writing exams? Diane

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hi Diane, he is retired from his 20 years of serice in the Navy and then he returned to school and have his degree finished. That's what you read from my other posts I think. He graduated already and is now working again.

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