Friday, October 11, 2013

Crackers, Cheese, and Pepperoni

My daughter  prepared this snack for her brother.  Sometimes, she is very thoughtful and sweet to  him but there are times that they don't get along.  I know that bickering is just normal for siblings  so I really have to stretch my patience and  understanding for their differences.  At the end of the day, when I  peek at the bedroom and see them sleeping in their own beds peacefully, it makes me  always say to myself "They are my precious babies!"

I forgot to take a photo of the crackeroni with cheese (that's how they call it).  They put cheese and pepperoni  in between two crackers.  

3 delicious comments:

Diane said...

You have a very thoughtful daughter, and she obviously enjoys the kitchen. Have a great weekend Diane

Teresa Martinez said...

Simple joys such as siblings showing care for each other make up the best times of being family.

Mona said...

sweet naman ni ate rylie .. indeed our kids are precious :)

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