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Friday, October 11, 2013

Home Made BBQ Sauce with the Help of Kristian Regale

When I was still single, I never liked cooking.  My Mom wold always told me that  my husband would leave me if  I don't start   learning  to love cooking.  So when I met my husband and he proposed to me, I got worried and told him that I don't know how to cook!  I  mean I can cook some stuff but  not much.  MY husband  said, it's not a problem at all so I said, okay!  In fact one of my best friends told my husband (boyfriend then) that the only menu I know how to cook is  noodles lol.  I am glad he did not get discouraged hahaha.
But anyway, I was given an  opportunity to try four bottles of Kristian Regále  sparkling beverages.  I think I am becoming   a fan of Swedish products.  First I love the clogs that was made in Sweden and now these  beverages are just my kind of thing.  They sent me four flavors,  peach, apple, pomegranate-apple, and the black currant.
I was more drawn to the black currant  as it is not the typical flavor that you always encounter in a beverage.  Well, maybe it is, I just do not notice as I seldom buy  juice like these.  As part of the  agreement that  we have, I have to come up with a recipe/s using these beverages.  Reading   the features   of black currant, I learned that it is tart and stringent.  So I thought of  creating a BBQ sauce using the  black currant juice as the base in making the sauce.  Here's what  came up with:

1 1/2 cup of KR black currant juice.
1/2 cup of  ketchup for color
1/2 teaspoon of Golden Nugget Garlic
1/3 cornstarch for thickening agent
1/4 cup of brown sugar
Salt and Pepper to taste

1.  Pour the  Black Currant juice in a skillet and let it simmer in a medium heat.
2.  Add the brown sugar.  When the sugar has dissolved, add the the ketchup, followed by the corn starch.
3.  Add the remaining ingredients for added flavor.

Oh my, I tell you, the astringency of the black currant create a very unique flavor to the sauce I just created.  I am  pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

I made some pork BBQ on a stick to try the sauce.  Here's the procedure.

1. Pre-cooked   the  pork  by  boiling  water and  adding a  pork cube in it.  (I used the  1 lb. stew meat so I don't have to  slice them up). 
2.  When the meat is  done, I put them in  skewers.
3.  Coated it with the Black Currant BBQ sauce using a brush.
4.  Bake it for ten minutes  at a 350 degreee heat in the oven.
5.  When done baking, add a cherry tomato at every tip of the skewers.

Bonappetit!  My husband and kids love the BBQ!  MY husband  even compared the sauce to  the  BBQ sauce that we normally buy from the store.  Hooray, my experimentation in the kitchen has  paid off!

We ate our BBQ  with rice and steamed beans from my garden and  fermented cabbage or kimchee for me.
You can check them out through the link I have provided above or you can LIKE their Facebook page.  Thank you so much Kristian Regale for the opportunity of working with you and trying your light and crisp tastes sparkling juice beverages.  Love them!  I will be exploring the other flavor next time so tune in.

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  Opinions  being expressed is  not in anyway influenced by other factors.  The product/s   mentioned above was provided for FREE  for evaluation purposes.

27 sumptuous burps..:

Sarah-Louise Bailey said...

That looks so tasty! I can join imagine it falling off the stick as you take a bite! Yum x

Garf said...

I would love to try these sparkling beverages. They sure look good.

MikiHope said...

Sounds like you created the perfect bar b que sauce for your family! And it does not sound that difficult to make either!

Jennifer Williams said...

Those look amazing, I would love to try it. Way to get creative with the recipe.

Teresa Martinez said...

You just gave me an idea of what to prepare four our next meal.

Pinx said...

Oh wow! Makes me want to take a bite! That looks so tasty and your BBQ sauce is so easy to make!!

nadine said...

My mom tells me that.. haha. but I'm still young. I guess it's true you learn it along the way of being a wife to your beloved. I can tell how yummy these food are! Good job!!

Seny said...

I love to cook and experiment and experiment in the kitchen.. thanks for the recipe, your barbecue looks delicious. Will give this a try this weekend. Thanks!

Shela said...

That looks really good i can smell it here hehe. Btw, love KG sparkling juices too!

Adin B said...

I like my Sparkling Bubbly since I don't really drink wine or any alcoholic beverages. Looks like you did an awesome job making some BBQ with the sauce you made using the product. What a great meal.

LaKurdapyaz said...

Parent in laws since i shared them the black currant flavor they got hooked :)

nova hedges said...

yum!!! i haven't tried the brand yet, but if you say they are good indeed it looks great. i'll check them in stores nearby.

Adin B said...

MOmmy, you made me want to make some BBQ Hmmm... maybe when the weather turns warmer this weekend I will make some Chicken BBQ. I miss the pinoy style with the hanging rice. Oh! Tumgots ako. :)

April M. said...

Oh wow! I love barbecue! Now I know what to make for dinner tomorrow.:)

April M. said...

that barbecue sauce looks tasty too.

Jonas Labagala said...

Now this is something that I would love to eat in a resto! It looks so yummy! :D

nova hedges said...

I also heard those words from my mother too, cause i was just not in the mood to learn to cook however time flies we have to cook for our family and i believe experimenting is a great success to have a different flavors in our cooking

MaryJane Tauyan said...

the looks superb and very yummy sis! owuld try to have some bbq as well this week!

Jessica Cassidy said...

Sis Rose,
The pork bbq you cook looks delish and I bet the sauce that you add makes it more yummy. I am drooling here.

mhie@smarlktastes said...

Looks yummy.Maybe I'll try your recipe one day.

mommy Peachy said...

Oh my gosh! That barbecue looks so delicious!

papaleng said...

Seems a nice product to try. I can't recall lang if I have seen this product from our local malls.

Marie, shiny pearl said...

We love black currant juice, never tried it in cooking though, thanks for this, might try it soon!

becca said...

these sound yummy

lencilicious said...

That BBQ looks very delicious. I can't help my self but plan a bbq dinner with husband next week.

Marie Imperial said...

I haven't tried using juice to add in BBQ sauce! I think this is worth trying! Looks yummy!

Algene said...

Gah. I can't believe I visited this blog at a wee hour of the night. I'm craving for a bbq! I wonder how that bbq sauce tastes :p

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