Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pei Wei:Sriracha Pineapple Pork Lettuce Wraps

Have you ever Explore the full Pei Wei Asian Diner   menu?  Oh my goodness, just by looking the the photos makes me drool, literally!  How I wish that they would branch out here in Weirton so I can taste their delicious meals!  Pei Wei is an Asian Diner  with lots of healthy selection.  Their Sriracha pineapple lettuce  wrap is what I want to  try because as most of you knows, I love  spicy stuff and  I love Sriracha.  I have a bottle in my fridge that I always use  to spice up my   food every time.  Since October is a National Pork month, the pineapple pork lettuce wrap is just perfect to celebrate the occasion.
 photo 42b3a2a9-f6dc-4a02-be4c-b623c9aa3c22_zpse87cf835.jpg
I love that they serve varieties of lettuce wrap so there is  a menu for everyone.  What I am saying is the  selection of Korean Steak, Traditional chicken, Thai Chicken and the one that I previously mentioned above.   The great news is, these wraps cost  under  7 dollars which is really cheap.    Now, if you want to see what I am talking about, you can either Like Pei Wei on Facebook or Follow Pei Wei on Twitter to see what they are up to.  You can also Follow Pei Wei on Pinterest.

 photo e0ef35db-d861-415d-99a9-0b351e85dd7b_zpsef831452.jpg
I will definitely try to make  the Pineapple pork lettuce wrap as it sound really delicious.  This has a combination of  fresh cut ingredients such as pineapple, red onions, red and green onions, and drizzle it  with Srirach, hmmnnn yum!  Before I forgot, you can customize  your order according to your liking, pretty cool right? They are also geared towards healthy serving of gluten free  and it is also available for vegetarian option.  So check them out!

6 delicious comments:

Unknown said...

hmmm seems delicious...maray ta maporbaran baya ini Manay.

MzBaker said...

I absolutely love Sriracha and I can imagine that would be delicious! I haven't ever thought of a lettuce wrap. Hmmmm I may try something like this!

MzBaker said...

We tried something similar to this tonight and it was so good! thanks for sharing it! Hubby loved what I made.

lencilicious said...

Very healthy meal. I can't stop looking at it.

riablahgs said...

I am craving now! I haven't tried anything like that yet. Not that I fancy cooking but there are certain food that I want to try at home and serve to my family. This is one of them. :)

lencilicious said...

Last week we ate out. We order something like this. I will share the picture soon.

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