Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lima Beans With Shrimp

Homesickness... the hardest part of being thousands of miles away from your family.  Sometimes, when I am homesick, I  make some food that  reminds me of home.  One of those many that I miss about my Mom is her  Lima Beans menu.  We call it percoles in bicol term.  Here's a simple and easy recipe.

You will need.
  • 1 bag of baby lima beans (frozen) - the best alternative to fresh ones
  • 1 can of coconut milk (13.5 fl.oz)
  • a pack of frozen shrimp
  • 1 medium size sliced onions
  • a piece of ginger about thumb size, crushed
  • hot peppers (optional) I love mine soooo hot
  • a teaspoon of shrimp paste (bagoong), optional
  • fish sauce, optional, you can use salt.
  • Put the  coconut milk in a pan then add the onion, ginger, shrimp paste, fish sauce, and peppers. 
  • Wait till it boils while stirring occasionally, then add the lima beans.  
  • Add the shrimp last as it cooks  fast.  I usually add  the shrimp when I am about to  turn off the heat of the stove.  

Hubby knows when I am homesick because I cook these "odd food".  Odd just because I seldom make them in our kitchen lol.  A bag of Lima beans  serves me for a long time as I divide them in a small container, each container  is good for one serving, and then I put them in a freezer.  When I crave for it, I just take one out from the freezer,  nuked it and  I have an instant ulam with rice!

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