Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Snacks after the Spring Play

The homeroom Moms set up some snacks outside the  gymnasium where the  play was held, for the guests and students to snack on after the play.
These colorful cookies are always  a maganet to the children.
The same effect on children for these very colorful cupcakes too
The homeroom Moms  always do a great job in setting  up these kind of events.  It's what makes the school very special because parents are always involve with  every activities that the kids are participating in school.
Hat's off to Mrs. Buterbaugh and Mrs. Mascio and other Moms  for this beautiful presentation!

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Anonymous said...

It is scary. You never know what they might do. They can seem fine and then just snap. And when they're tweeking....ugh.

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