Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Breakfast at Denny's in #LasVegas

Our Vegas trip was fun.  Our hotel accommodation did not include a complimentary breakfast so we tried to find a place that we can all eat and not break the  bank and we found that Denny's  was the most fitting for what we like and it is within our budget.  
We ate at  IHOP one time also but we did not like their food and their price is more expensive than Denny's.  When we went to IHOP, I did not eat because I ate something from the hotel so I was surprised to see that the bill was  the same as what we pay at Denny's with  the four of us eating.  So we never came back to IHOP lol. 
I like  Denny's because their  employees were very friendly.  One time,  we can tell that our server was a Mom because she was very caring towards our kids.  My son  wrote her a note and  we gave her a little extra tip because we loved her service to us. 
The portion of their food is always  big and we couldn't ate it all so we would always put the left over in a box and feed the birds outside or  at the garage of the hotel where birds are hanging out. 
We love the food at Denny's, everything we tried there were delicious.
While my husband is a  potato, egg, and sausage kind of  breakfast lover, I always go for their salad.  I love the fact that they have  healthy options if you want to avoid the sugar.
My kids love their pancakes and eggs.  The reason why we tried eating at IHOP is because they are known to have  the best pancakes but it was disappointment because the  pancakes that my daughter received was under cooked in the middle.  It was burned on the outside but  wasn't fully cook inside. 
Whenever we go out and eat, the  first thing  that we looked into is their food but the service being rendered by servers are equally important too.  It impacts my decision whether or not to go back to that place.  
To the Denny's employees  at Las Vegas Boulevard, thank you very much for your  warm and great service.  

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