Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sugary Treats During Falloween at St. Joe's

There were tons of  sweet treats during the Falloween celebration at St. Joseph School on October 31st.   Everyone had a blast especially the little ones.  They wore their  favorite costumes and  got lots of treats from the  tables that were set up by the parents.  If the candies were not enough, the  cookies and donuts  completed the sugar rush that everybody, young and adults, want.  Well, here are the selection of sweet  treats from the event.  Enjoy!

I hope that we will have this  again next school year.  This was another  event that the new school administration have implemented.  I think it is great to have this kind because  parents, grandparents, and friends come to school and  watch the students interact with everybody. 

Question:  If you were to pick  a sugary treat, which one would you choose among the choices  above?  Would you go for donuts or cookies?

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